Travis Scott "White Tee" Vocal Template

Travis Scott "White Tee" Vocal Template

Worry about your vocals and let the template take care of the mixing and mastering. This studio quality template is engineered to sound like Travis Scott in his performance of his song"WHITE TEE".


This template includes TWO different pro mixes and a 3rd fruity plugin mix, along with the RAW vocals.


NEEDED PLUGINS FOR PRO MIX (stock plugin version included):

Slate Digital FG-X (or any mastering compressor

 L2 Stereo

NLS Channel (Only used for gain control)

Autotune 8.1 (or replace with any tuner of your choice)


WAVES Deesser


MV2 Mon

Nectar 3

Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack (With CS-EQ and AirEQ Air)

Waves RVox

Abstract Chamber (Or any large reverb of your choice

L2 Stereo


Download now and experience studio quality vocals in the style of Travis Scott from your home.